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Bminer supports the following options in the command line. You can also run bminer -help to get the full list of options.

Default Description
-api string null The endpoint that Bminer serves its REST API. For example, The REST API is disabled if it is unspecified.
-devices value null List of comma-separated IDs of the CUDA devices that Bminer should run on. If it is unspecified bminer runs on all CUDA devices available on the system.
-gpucheck uint 90 The interval in seconds that Bminer polls whether the CUDA devices have hung. Set to 0 to disable the checks.
-max-network-failures -1 Number of consecutive attempts that Bminer tries to recover from network failures. Set to -1 to keep on recovering.
-max-temperature int 85 Hard limits of the temperature of the GPUs. BMiner slows down itself when the temperautres of the devices exceed the limits.
-nofee Disable the devfee but it also disables some optimizations.
-no-timestamps false Remove timestamp in your logging messages.
-share-check 900 The interval of seconds that Bminer polls to ensure there are accepted shares. Set to 0 to disable the checks.
-strict-secure Verify the certificates of servers when connecting to a SSL-enabled Stratum server. The default is off.
-uri value The URI that bminer should mine towards. It has the format of <protocol>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>.
-watchdog true Automatic restart to recover from hung GPUs. Bminer exits itself in case of errors if watchdog is disabled.
-uri option Uri now supports multiple addresses. For example, <protocol>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>,<protocol>://<username>[:<password>]@<host>:<port>

Failover Option

For example, to use Flypool as the primary and nanopool as the backup. You can use the following command:

./bminer -uri stratum://[email protected]:3333,
stratum://[email protected]:6666

Dashboards and REST APIs

Bminer provides a Web-based dashboard to monitor the health of the miner. The dashboard resides at the same address of the management API. For example, you can access the dashboard at if you have enabled the API at

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard:


Bminer also provides REST APIs to automate large-scale deployments.

GET /api/status

Provide an overview of the current status of Bminer.

Example value:

  "stratum": {
    "accepted_shares": 1,
    "rejected_shares": 0,
    "accepted_share_rate": 0.01,
    "rejected_share_rate": 0
  "miners": {
    "0": {
      "solver": {
        "solution_rate": 535.6,
        "nonce_rate": 287.07
      "device": {
        "temperature": 45,
        "power": 255,
        "global_memory_used": 828,
        "utilization": {
          "gpu": 100,
          "memory": 84
        "clocks": {
          "core": 1885,
          "memory": 5005
        "pci": {
          "bar1_used": 2,
          "rx_throughput": 22,
          "tx_throughput": 6
  "version": "v5.1.0-6b8803e",
  "start_time": 1516502494

The semantics of the fields are the following:

Type Description
stratum object The information of the Stratum client.
accepted_shares integer Total number of shares that are accepted by the Stratum server.
rejected_shares integer Total number of shares that are rejected by the Stratum server.
accepted_shares_rate number The number of accepted shares per second.
rejected_shares_rate number The number of rejected shares per second.
miners object The map that maps the ID of the CUDA device to the status of the miner running on the device.
solver object Statistics of the Equihash solver.
solution_rate number Number of Equihash solutions found. (Sols/s)
nonce_rate number Number of nonces that are evaluated. (I/s)
device object Statistics of the CUDA device.
temperature integer The temperature of the CUDA device. (Celsius)
power integer The amount of power used by the CUDA device. (Watts)
global_memory_used integer The amount of memory that are used on the CUDA device.
utilization object Statistics of utilization of the CUDA device.
gpu integer The utilization of the GPU from 0-100.
memory integer The utilization of the memory bandwidth, from 0-100.
clocks object The frequency of the clocks of the CUDA device.
core integer The frequency of the GPU core. (MHz)
memory integer The frequency of the GPU memory. (MHz)
pci object The utilization of the PCI-e bus.
bar1_used integer The amount BAR1 memory used.
rx_throughput integer The throughput of the data received from the PCI-e bus. (MB/s)
tx_throughput integer The throughput of the data sent from the PCI-e bus. (MB/s)
version string The version of Bminer.
start_time integer The time that Bminer starts, in UNIX time.

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